Making an appointment

NadineTaraSelf referral

If you have an injury or muscular condition (such as lower back pain) you can come straight to us without a referral from your Doctor.

Doctor’s referral

You can also be referred to Rehab Physio Centre by your Doctor, Specialist or other Health Professional.

Please note: If your injury requires you to take time off work only your Doctor can give you a medical certificate.

Accredited Employer

If your workplace is an accredited employer they may refer you for therapy. This includes assessment and rehabilitation for injuries and pre-employment screening.


Under the Health and Disabilities Act of 1993, you are required to give consent for all treatment and we will ask you to complete a consent form at your first appointment.

Second opinion

You are also entitled to ask for a second opinion, either from another Physiotherapist within this practice or from another practice.

Length of appointment

Our approach to therapy is a little different to most practices. You can expect to be in therapy for up to 60 minutes on your first visit, with each subsequent visit lasting between 30 to 45 minutes.

Wheelchair access

There is ramp access into the Clinic. A wheelchair accessible toilet is also available.

Children in the clinic

The Health and Safety Act 1992 places restrictions on our Practice and children. Please be aware no child under five years is allowed in the Clinic unrestrained.

Interpreter/ Advocate/ Support Person

You are entitled to have an interpreter/ advocate or support person accompany you to your appointment. Please ask reception for a copy of the Health and Disabilities Brochure and/ or our information sheet regarding these services.

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